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Hyderabad India

Welcome to Hyderabad, India

Once upon a time, pearl traders used to spread out their beads by the side of the road and hawk them the way you'd find green vegetables peddled today. The city has gotten a lot more tech-savvy since then, but it still retains quite a bit of the charm of the Shahi and the Nawabi days. While you find a younger crowd that is at once cosmo and geeky, you also find a lot of the old world aura about it.

Visit the twin cities with us. We take you through all the old and the newer neighbourhoods, we present the best attractions, and we preview them through our virtual tours. If you are touring, we suggest exhaustive itineraries for your visit, starting right from the time you land, and we tell you everything from what to eat and where to eat it to where to shop, how to travel and where to stay. And then we suggest that you explore more of this site. At the end of it, you'll know more about this city than most Hyderabadis themselves do. And we're sure you'll love it.

Welcome to our neighbourhood!