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Hyderabad India

Supporting Conferences/Sites

New Product Development: Challenges in Meltdown Times, in Chennai, 2009
5th DAE-BRNS National Symposium on Pulsed Laser Deposition of Thin Films & Nanostructured Materials, in Chennai, 2009
Conference Data Entry Jobs In Hyderabad, 2009
University of Hyderabad, Knowledge & Innovation Park, In Hyderabad
National Urban Water Awards, India
Centre for Innovations in Public Systems, in Hyderabad
International Finance Conference, in Kolkata, 2009
Conference Management Local Jobs in Hyderabad, 2009
Urban Governance Area, Administrative Staff College of India, in Hyderabad
International Conference on Natural Language Processing, in Kharagpur, 2010
31st All India Conference of Linguists, in Hyderabad, 2009
International Conference on Socio-Cultural Approaches to Translation, in Hyderabad, 2010
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7th Learning & Teaching Conference, London, UK
Separateness and Kinship: Transatlantic Exchanges between New England and Britain 1600-1900, in London
The Godwin Diary: Reconstructing London's Culture 1788-1836
Conference on Technology for Sustainable Livelihood & Community Development, in Hyderabad, 2010
Conference Promotion Jobs on Search Engines, in Hyderabad, 2010
Conference Management Jobs in Hyderabad
International Conference on Healthcare Infrastructure & Medical Technology, in New Delhi, 2011
Conference Website Programming Jobs in Hyderabad, 2009
Conference Marketing Jobs in Hyderabad, 2009
Water Purifier Anamolies & Problematic Processes, 2010
National Conference on Excellence in Higher Education, in Delhi
Academy for Science Policy Implementation and Research, in Hyderabad
Centre for Urban Governance - ASCI, in Hyderabad