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Hyderabad India


Top Attractions

SHILPARAMAM - Held in the last two weeks of December every year, the annual Crafts Mela, also known as The Overpriced Rip-off Fair Of The Year, is only one part of life at Shilparamam.
Where: Madhapur Crafts Village, South Zone Cultural Centre, Madhapur

GOLCONDA FORT - Where a shepherd boy once found a magic idol now stands a crumbling fort. Its mystery is coming apart now, but the Fort remains compelling.
Where: Opposite Army Quarters, Golconda

NECKLACE ROAD - Modelled after the Queen's Necklace in Mumbai, the Necklace Road links Hyderabad to Secunderabad, and provides young lovers with an avenue (ha!) to express themselves.
Where: Tankbund

CHOWMAHALLA PALACE - If it hasn't been in your itinerary till now, forget the traffic bit and show some dogged zeal now. The doors are open, so come and partake of the Shahi experience of being a Hyderabadi royal.
Where: Ask for Khilwat, Motigalli, and Himmatpura, Himmatpura

BIRLA MANDIR - Of all the people who've been there, perhaps the only one who's not totally impressed by the view from the Birla Mandir at night is perhaps the Lord Himself.
Where: Gasi Bazar, Kala Pahad, In The Lane Opp Kamat Hotel, Adarshnagar

RAMOJI FILM CITY - This is where the fun begins, and for most who’ve visited it, it’s also where the fun ends.
Where: R R District, Hyderabad-Vijayawada Highway

SALARJUNG MUSEUM - The undisputed cock of the walk of not just Hyderabad but the entire continent, Salar Jung Museum is dwarfed only the reams of copy that have been written about it. Welcome to the long and short of history.
Where: Near Estate Talkies, Afzalgunj

CHARMINAR - What can you say about this 4-century-old mosque that has not been said before?
Where: Old City

OSMAN SAGAR - Generations of Hyderabadis swear by the digestive powers of Gandipet waters. Whether that's true or not, an evening by the waters, followed by the lovely drive back, makes for a great time.
Where: Gandipet

TARAMATI BARADARI - And if there's a concert on, don't miss it.
Where: Near Vasavi Engineering College, Ibrahimbagh, Gandipet Road, Gandipet

MECCA MASJID - One of the largest mosques in the world, this took 8,000 masons and labourers, 77 years and 1,400 bullocks (!) to be completed. So do visit. And remember to sit on the stone seat.
Where: Near the Charminar

QULI QUTB SHAHI TOMBS - The mausolea of the 'Sultans of Golconda', and one of the most important tourist spots in the city. If you didn't come here on a school excursion, you probably didn't go to school.
Where: Golconda